Our Services

We offer a one-stop shopping experience for research, writing and design services related to Canada’s historical and archaeological past.

Whether you require one of our services or all three, please consider contacting us for a quote. We will be happy to discover how we may best participate in your next project!


 We hold advanced degrees from distinguished Canadian universities and are experienced in conducting primary and secondary library, archival and material culture research.

Our location in the National Capital Region grants us access to a wide variety of research resources.


We are effective communicators adept in using language to connect with audiences ranging from the general public to professionals.

Our writing has appeared in magazines, books, journals, newsletters, government reports and on websites.


  We are creative and skilled visual communicators who can either provide you with a print-ready file (all set for you to send to your favourite printer) or see your project through to completion, providing you with a finished book, poster, t-shirt or more.

Contact us for a quote!

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