About Us

We are heritage professionals with expertise in Canadian history and archaeology and a passion to communicate what is known about Canada’s past to all Canadians.

Joyce Wright

Born into a family of archaeologists, some of Joyce’s earliest memories are of star-gazing from a tent window on a mid-14th-century archaeological site in Bruce County, catching and cleaning smelt near the ancient fishing weirs of the Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching Narrows and using stone artifacts to make a corn pancake (destined for a museum exhibit!) just as the ancestors did half a millennia ago.

Unsurprisingly, Joyce caught the archaeology bug and completed a PhD in Anthropology, specializing in Canadian archaeology. She also holds honours undergraduate degrees in English and Anthropology and a post-graduate certificate in Publishing.

In keeping with her interest in sharing Canada’s archaeological and historical legacy with all Canadians, Joyce has written for magazines, websites, outdoor displays, corporate and government clients. Her graphic design experience has been applied to outdoor displays, websites and the creation of a variety of products including t-shirts.

Dawn Wright

After serving as an aircraft mechanic with the RCN(R) and working in the education field, Dawn’s life-long interest in plants led her to the formal study of horticulture and, subsequently, to the establishment of an organic market garden.

Meanwhile, assisting her archaeologist husband on his many expeditions and research projects, she gained enviable field experience in archaeological survey and excavation which ultimately led to her overseeing the excavation of what is still one of the largest archaeological site excavations in Ontario.

Inevitably, Dawn’s plant and archaeological interests coalesced in a focus on archaeobotany, the study of plants as they were used by people in the past. She was involved in one of the very first applications of the flotation method in Ontario, a practice she has overseen on several occasions since. Over the course of many years, she has compiled a herbarium and comparative seed collection that includes both carbonized and uncarbonized seed samples.